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Parent Testimonials



My daughter Brianna started attending at age three at D&D Daycare in January of 2010. On the first day of class I was meeting the teacher and getting her settled in a new environment. At first I was very nervous because, I did not know how my child would be receptive of being in a classroom setting. To my surprise my daughter did not cry and she told me I should go home, she will be ok. Brianna now attends kindergarten. I am extremely happy with the academic experience that my daughter is exposed to at the school. Brianna is reading, writing, addition, counting to 100, leaning different languages, sign language and the list goes on. Brianna’s vocabulary and her social skills have expanded tremendously. It is an outstanding school with excellent dedicated teachers and staff who cares about the success and well-being of our children. As a mother I could not ask for a better way for my child to learn, grow and start a successful future. Brianna will be graduating this year and I feel strongly and confident that she will be prepared for first grade at the age of five. I have the teachers and staff at D&D Daycare to thank for her achievement. 


   Happy Parent/Kesson


I am grateful to D&D Daycare that provides care for my child. I can go to work and not worry about my preschooler. D&D Daycare provides a clean, safe, stimulating, caring and well organized daycare. She loves her teachers and the children in the daycare. She has been in daycare since she was two and half years old. She has learned so much and she is very enthusiastic about getting her homework done. They are constantly assigning different kinds of homework. It shows me she is learning so much in mathematics, history, and English. She is even learning another language, French and Spanish. I could not have worked without D&D Daycare. Thanks for everything you do, it is greatly appreciated!

Julda Cambro



I highly recommend D&D Daycare as one of the best Daycare Centers in Uniondale.  My son Justin has been attending D&D Daycare since September 2011 and it has been a great experience since then.  As a parent I knew I wanted a daycare as to what I went to as a child that was fun, went on trips for exposure, enforced safety and focused on education.  I believe that D&D Daycare offers the best academic curriculum that a daycare could offer.  It is a school of excellence and the teachers make an effort to set the highest standards for the children.  My child is currently enrolled in a turtoring program and the instructor was very interested in knowing what school he was attending "expressing he is on target and is well prepared for kindergarten."  In my opinion every single teacher is simply amazing being knowledgeable, experienced, nurturing and academically strong.  The teachers have such a great interest in the children's safety and educational needs.  The children are caring and respectful to each other as well as staff.  D&D Daycare take the children on educational trips, walks to the park and have a grand holiday party for the children each year.  D&D Daycare offers a wide array of music, games, art projects and teaching the children to spell through phonics.  D&D Daycare is very devoted to teach and celebrate black history month  and Women's history month.  My child can recite some of "I HAVE A DREAM" speech and loves to tell me about  The Montgomery Bus Boycott.  Ms. Denise Cokely the owner of D&D Daycare is an awesome administrator who is very involved with the children as well as the parents.  Ms. Cokely knows all the children by name and the children have a lot of respect for her.  Ms Cokely has such a big heart and always willing to give a helping hand to the parents as well.  I could not recommend a school more highly and strongly recommand a personal visit.

Mincey H. - Happy parent of Justin

  D&D Daycare is an outstanding teaching school. No one would know that it’s a daycare with the curriculum that is provided to the toddler up to the kindergarten grade. My granddaughter vocabulary has really excelled. She is already spelling six letter words. She has perfect penmanship. The homework as well as the class work is above the level of the average standard kindergarten

I am very proud of the work and dedication that Mr. and Mrs. Cokely as well as the staff are providing to the children. My granddaughter progression is a perfect example of the outstanding service that is provided.

I sincerely thank you D&D Daycare. May God continually bless you all.

Delissia Bolden

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